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What You Always Need to Remember when Packing for a Move

What You Always Need to Remember when Packing for a Move Posted on November 28, 2016Leave a comment

Planning a move is something that not many people look forward to, simply because there are too many details involved. You have to think about informing your neighbours and colleagues, you have to make sure that the utilities are taken care of (both in your existing location and in the location to which you are moving), and so on. But one of the other aspects of planning a move is packing all your items and belongings. Whilst it’s easy to rely on the removals company for moving your furniture, you still have to pack smaller items, such as dishes, glassware, clothing, and innumerable other items which you have in your home (unless, that is, you rely on the removals company’s packing service for this as well). How do you go about packing for a move, then? Here’s what you always need to remember when packing for a move.


The importance of the right boxes

First of all, it’s important to choose the right boxes for the job. You want a high quality, sturdy box that will not collapse, especially since boxes are often stacked one on top of the other whilst they are being transported. Make sure the boxes you choose are of good quality and not made of sub-standard boards which can easily be crushed. If you want, you can buy your boxes from the removals company itself, such as – they are more likely to have better boxes and other packing materials than regular shops.

The importance of proper taping or sealing

Aside from making sure the boxes you have are of good quality, you also have to tape or seal them up correctly. Fold the box in the proper way – this means not tucking one flap over the other because this will result in a weaker box. You should also use a high quality tape or vinyl, and press the tape or vinyl down firmly to make sure they are adhering well to the box.

Other important tips for packing

It’s important to use the proper-sized box for whatever items you have. Use both big and small boxes – big boxes are ideal for lighter items, whilst small boxes are ideal for heavier items so they will be easier to handle and carry. For instance, when packing books, use a smaller box especially if your books are of the heavy, hard-bound kind.

Don’t try to force items into boxes which don’t fit them or which fit them awkwardly, such as lampshades. Incidentally, when packing a lampshade, make sure the shade is taken off the base and placed in a box of its own or with other lampshades of a similar shape and size. Make sure you label all your boxes correctly, and include a note on which room they will be placed.

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