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Transform Your Home on the Cheap with These Three Exterior Decorating Projects

Transform Your Home on the Cheap with These Three Exterior Decorating Projects Posted on October 10, 2016Leave a comment

Everybody wants to be proud of how their home looks on the outside, right?

However, any homeowner can tell you that maintain proper upkeep is much easier said than done.

While it’s natural to let our home maintenance and décor fall to the wayside in the wake of stress or simply a lack of time, you can’t afford to “let your house go” in the long-run.


Think about it: what happens when it’s time to move or sell your house, and then suddenly realize that your home has reached the dreaded point of no return?

Messes. Repairs. The works.

In fact, the reasons why houses are deemed “unsellable” signal the obvious importance of upkeep. Among the top reasons that houses stay on the market indefinitely include:

  • Too much “personality” in the décor of a home, putting off potential buyers from seeing the house as ever being their own
  • Improper advertising and pricing of the home
  • The exterior of a home being run down or appearing run down (perhaps the worst reason of all)

But fear not.

Don’t let yourself live in an ugly house: instead, be proactive.

Consider some home décor projects that you can do yourself on the cheap to represent the starting point to making your house more presentable to potential buyers and guests alike.

Strip Down Your Yard

Instead of investing cash on a bunch of needless products in an effort to clean up your home’s exterior, start by ridding your yard of clutter without spending a cent. Such clutter may include any combination of the following:

  • Lawn decorations, fixtures or signage
  • Potted plants and other miscellaneous porch décor
  • Anything that belongs in your garage (such as tools, toys and other overflow storage)

Why rid your yard of such décor?

Simply put, so that you can start from scratch and begin emphasizing your exterior’s strengths versus its weaknesses.

Learn to Love Your Lawn

Proper lawn care matters, especially if you’re trying to make sure your home as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. Unfortunately, it’s easy to lose control of your lawn, especially if you live on a larger property.

You shouldn’t expect to fix your lawn in a single afternoon if it’s gone astray; however, the initial investment of bringing it back to life will perhaps represent the biggest hurdle to overcome to make sure your home is market-ready. Fortunately, your investment requires mostly time versus cash.

Trim and clean as much as possible, including uniform mowing and hedging across your yard. Remove any lying debris, including weeds or dead plants, and make sure that there are no eyesores such as overgrown vegetation.

Does your lawn have to be barren? Of course not. For example, you could invest in low maintenance plants that don’t require constant attention and will give your lawn some color.

Emphasize Your Entryway

Rather than revamping your roof or some other costly construction project, it’s crucial to emphasize the best features of your home’s exterior. Naturally, your home’s entryway is a fantastic place to start. If nothing else, make sure that you spruce up your entryway by implementing a combination of the following:

  • A fresh coat of paint on your front door (If you can afford it, consider a neutral coat on your whole exterior if possible)
  • Fix up the path leading from your driveway to your doorway (replace your worn-out path with new bricks or stones and remove any weeds in between)
  • Consider some new lighting fixtures on your entryway to the draw the attention of passers-by

While there is no one-size-fits-all way to making your home more aesthetically appealing at a glance, the three aforementioned tips represent a solid starting point for those who may find themselves overwhelmed.

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