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Tips for Stress Free Moving Day

Tips for Stress Free Moving Day Posted on April 5, 2014Leave a comment

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How to Make Moving Day Easier


When I moved my family a few years ago, I saw how much it helped to rent a storage container. It made the move so much more convenient. We followed a few moving tips when we packed our things.


Stress Free Moving Tips


In order to make moving easier, you need to formulate a moving plan. You need to asses which of your belongings you’re going to keep and what should be given away. Go through your belongings and be honest by asking yourself some questions. How often do you really use those kitchen gadgets you bought on television, or if you really need that college sweatshirt that’s faded and with holes.  Give them away, and you have fewer things to pack up.


Packing Your Boxes


Before you begin packing your boxes, stock up on packing materials, such as sturdy cardboard boxes, tissue paper, bubble wrap, and  packing tape, as well as a black marker  and strong scissors. It’s often best to begin packing a few boxes a day a month before your expected date of departure, so you’re not overwhelmed at the end. Start by packing up the Christmas stuff or books you aren’t reading. Remember not to pack any boxes heavier than 50 pounds.


Here are some suggestions for packing up some common items. With dressers, put a few smaller valuables wrapped in towels in the drawers, and then secure the drawers with padding. Pack picture frames or framed art; wrap them in paper or bubble wrap, and let them stand up in a sturdy box. I recommend you pack your dishes in a similar fashion and stand a few dishes or saucers on the edge after tightly wrapping them. In addition, if you’ve saved the original boxes of your computer or television; your electronics would travel best in those. Otherwise, place them in a similar shaped box, surrounded by blankets. As you are packing, mark each box with its contents, and put it on your list.



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Loading Perth Sea Containers by Port Container Services


Before you begin loading your container, check your container. The sea containers feature 270 degree openings so you can double check that the container is clean and see how you’re going to fit everything. A standard 20 foot container fits around 950 cubic square feet of household furniture and personal belongings while a 40 foot one holds twice as much.


Begin loading your container with some bulkier items like your couch and your dresser, covered with blankets. Form some rows of boxes of heavier items like books and toys. Save the boxes with fragile items like the china and the framed family pictures for the top. After all the boxes have been loaded, load your mattresses in to stabilize to the load.


Reserving Your Perth Sea Containers by Port Container Services


Do you have a move coming up soon where you need a container, either for moving or as a storage unit? If so, visit Perth Sea Containers by Port Container Services for fair and affordable rates.


Author Bio: Francis Karl Rushman has a degree in marketing and entrepreneurship. He now owns a small moving company. He’s very interested in the shipping business, especially worldwide shipping news and the latest statistics of the industry.  Besides work, he enjoys spending time with his family and sharing his love of history with them.

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