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Tips for Designing Your Own Prayer Room at Home

Tips for Designing Your Own Prayer Room at Home Posted on February 11, 2017Leave a comment

If you are the type of person that would love to be isolated and say a prayer quietly, then having a prayer room will be a much needed boone for your household. Though it’s not common for people to have this in their homes, it’s nonetheless requested and enjoyed by some.



While it’s fairly easy to create a sanctuary for your spiritual needs at the comfort of your home, actually building one will have to need careful planning. In designing the room, you should think about functionality. Consider doing these things:


Check the space for the room

You have to decide in which part of your house you want to build your prayer room. It would be best to choose one with space big enough for you to carry out your spiritual routine. Of course, the amount of furniture that you plan to put in it should be taken into consideration, too.


It is crucial that the room is somewhere isolated. You would not want to hear loud music or listen to the conversation of other people from the outside while you are saying a prayer or reflecting. Soundproof the room if necessary.


Choose the right wall color

Wall color sets the mood of the room. It is essential that the color of the wall of your prayer room brings you a sense of peace. So, when you are carrying out your spiritual routine, you mind will be calm. It is up to you if you would want vibrant colors or a color that you can associate with your religion. Usually, people tend to rely on religious colors for their prayer room.


Pick out the right furniture

It is best to stick only to the essentials when it comes to buying furniture.


You would also want to make sure that it can accommodate a number of people, in case you want to open your prayer room to others and host a prayer meeting or bible study. Buy cushions and seats enough for everybody and make sure to use sturdy church chairs to give the room a real religious feel.


Other essentials are cabinets or drawers, particular those that could hold your religious items or supplies. There are stores that construct them specifically according to your needed design.


Put up accessories

Now, this is where you get some freedom when decorating your prayer room. Decorating the room with different accessories could make it distinct from other rooms. Putting up some framed posters with Bible verses in it could be a good idea. You can also place a bookshelf in a corner to hold your religious books.


Flowers are always a good idea when it comes to decorating a room. The fragrance of the flower could help liven up the atmosphere.



It is definitely a fun exercise to decorate your own prayer room. Don’t deprive yourself of choosing the best things to be placed in it. After all, this will be your own spiritual sanctuary.





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