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The Top Factors You should Think about when Selecting a Whirlpool Bath

The Top Factors You should Think about when Selecting a Whirlpool Bath Posted on December 14, 2016Leave a comment

A whirlpool bath is one of those luxuries that please again and again – what was once only enjoyable in a spa has now become a great feature of the home. Anyone who has ever experienced a whirlpool bath is sure to want it over and over – simply because there are so many benefits to it. Not only does it relax you in ways no other bath can, there are also tremendous health benefits that include relaxation of the muscles, easing of pain in joints, improved blood circulation, and a boosted immune system. However, not all whirlpool baths are the same, and if you’re planning to get one, there are some things to consider. Wondering how to select the perfect one for you? Here are the top factors you should think about when selecting a whirlpool bath.


Ask yourself some questions first

Asking yourself “What do I want?” is a fair thing to do, but it’s really better to start with “What do I need?” In fact, you should go further into detail than that. Who will be using the whirlpool bath? Is the person big or small? Is there an elderly person or are there any children who will take advantage of it? How often will it be used? Does it require special safety precautions? Picture your family using it, and think restrictions or requirements that will suit all.

Size and weight

The whirlpool bath should be large enough to fit the largest person in your family, but small enough to fit into your bathroom comfortably. Weight could also be an issue – you should make sure your floor can support a filled whirlpool tub with strength to spare.

Safety first

You may need hand rails, steps to enter and exit, a chair or seating space, and so on. Safety for the users should be top priority.

The heating system

Some whirlpool baths come with a heating system on their own; others rely on the heating system of your home – make sure they are compatible with your situation.

Bring the jets

There are different kinds of jets, and the number of jets will vary according to the make and model.

One other thing to consider – and this is especially important for the person who’ll be doing the cleaning and the maintenance – is how easy or how hard it is to give the whirlpool bath a proper cleaning. Luckily, many whirlpool baths come with self-cleaning functions, making it much easier and convenient so it doesn’t take much time. However, do make sure you understand all of the manufacturer’s instructions and use cleaning materials and cleaning products only recommended by the manufacturer. Once you’ve considered all these things, it’s time to bring it home, install it, and enjoy it for years to come.

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