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The Need for Insurance When Renting a Self-storage Facility

The Need for Insurance When Renting a Self-storage Facility Posted on November 22, 2016Leave a comment

It is a good move to use a self-storage facility instead of placing all your items at home. It is cheaper and also a more efficient way of organising your things. Besides, you might not have enough space at home to fit big items that you use for different purposes. Some of these items are highly valuable. Thus, they need to be properly kept in a location where you are the only person who has access to them. Before closing the deal, you need to make sure first that you buy insurance.


The payment for the storage facility might already include insurance fees. You need to know what is covered by the insurance policy. If it is good enough, you can go ahead and close the deal. You can save money in doing so. However, if you think that the insurance coverage is not that great, you can buy an insurance policy elsewhere. This will make you feel more confident. Even if you have lost the items inside for whatever reason, you know that you will be covered.

Ensure security

Make sure that the storage facility has a CCTV camera. There should also be an upgraded set of locks that only you can access. If there is a security guard who will check the people coming in and out of the area, then it would be even better. Your insurance policy might not even have to be used if the area where you are storing your items is secured, but of course it always helps to have insurance.

Stick with reliable companies

Even if the storage facility covers insurance, you are not 100% guaranteed that the value of the items lost or broken will be repaid. In fact, there are instances in which only the value of lost items is repaid. If there are damages, you might have to bear any costs. This is why it is in your best interest to stick with highly reliable companies. They will make sure that everything is safe. You can count on them to do the job well. The moment you sign the agreement that you will use their facility, everything will run smoothly.

You can seek recommendations from friends who have tried using the facility before or you can go online and read reviews regarding the storage facility.

If you are in search of self storage Gloucester has tons of options available. Take a look at the best choices and find out which of them would fit your personal requirements. You should also consider the price for the services. Hopefully, you will find the best storage and ensure the safety of all the items you leave under their care.

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