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SprayEZ DIY and Contractor Products

SprayEZ DIY and Contractor Products Posted on December 20, 2016Leave a comment

There are individuals who are looking to insulate their homes and roofs with spray foam. Compared to batt fiberglass, spray foam insulation brings more benefits to residential and commercial properties in many ways.

For one, foam insulation cuts energy expenses by 30-50 percent each year. Also, spray insulation strengthens the structure of your building, reduces noise, and lowers the chances of mold growing in your house or property.

There are more pros than cons when it comes to foam insulation, especially with SprayEZ products. SprayEZ is a company that supplies spray foam equipment for both contractors and DIY enthusiasts. SprayEZ’s spray products contain superior ingredients like polyurethane and polyurea. Polyurethane is a polymer made of organic compounds connected by carbamate links. Polyurea is an organic plastic.


Learn more about SprayEZ kits and insulation facts below.

SprayEZ DIY Kits

The kits SprayEZ provide make your DIY spray foam insulation projects simple because the company includes a spray gun with each kit, aka a FastKick Applicator. SprayEZ has 12 spray foam insulation kits: three that are for roofs and nine that are used on other parts of a building. The DIY spray foam kit for your roof weighs about three pounds and comes in packages of 10, 20, and 40. The DIY foam kit for buildings comes in packages that range in size and also comes in packages of 10, 20, and 40. These choices of spray foam products will suit nearly any DIY insulation project that you are working on.

Info on Roof Insulation

There are seven common types of roof insulation:

  • Gypsum board- This is comprised of water-resistant, non-combustible, and non-structural material. Gypsum board is usually used to cover foam plastic insulations, as a vapor-retarder substance, or as a steel deck thermal barrier.
  • Wood fiber- Wood fiber is made up of natural materials like vegetable fibers, wood, or cane, and the materials are blended with binders and fillers. This insulation can be coated with asphalt to strengthen a roof’s resistance to moisture.
  • Cellular glass- This insulation contains a mixture of a foaming agent and crushed glass. The mixture is then placed into a mold and heated. The process decomposes the foaming agent while melting the glass.
  • Perlite- Perlite insulation is comprised of expanded, inorganic volcanic glass mixed with binders and organic fibers. It includes an asphalt coating created to limit the absorption of adhesives during roof coating application.
  • Polystyrene insulation- This insulation process is done in two different ways: extruded and expanded. Extruded polystyrene is made of a heated mixed polystyrene polymer that is put through an extrusion system. Expanded polystyrene is a combination of a foaming agent and the polystyrene polymer. The material grows when exposed to heat and molds to a closed-cell substance.
  • Polyisocyanurate- Polyisocyanurate is a foamy plastic material inserted between glass fiber facers and organic or inorganic felt facers. The foam substance is expanded by a chlorine-free agent which creates a closed-cell structure that makes the insulation impervious to high thermal environments.

Some people conduct only roof insulation rather than the insulation of a whole building since the other building parts are fine. They carry out these procedures to cool their home in the summer, warm it during winter, or protect it from moisture like rain and snow. Do you have a spray foam roofing project you’re working on, either as a hobby or part of your contracting business? Let SprayEZ give you a hand with that!

ExpandoThane Polyurea

ExpandoThane Polyurea is the type of polyurea coating SprayEZ uses in its products. ExpandoThane is an expanding, durable polyurea that is used for metal roof coating and waterproofing. What makes ExpandoThane so unique is that it can expand 4 to 7 times in volume. And unlike a typical roof sealer, ExpandoThane foam dries within two minutes, so you do not need to wait hours for parts of your roof to dry.

ExpandoThane Roofing Kits for DIY Enthusiasts

The FastKick Applicator spray gun that is included is simple to use. All you need to do is use the hose pipe to fasten a spray foam case to the gun. Make sure that the material temperature measures 80-90 Fahrenheit for best results.

ExpandoThane Roofing Kits for Contractors

As a business owner, you need more potent equipment for the job. ExpandoThane roofing kits for contractors include a Graco Air Purge gun. The Graco Air Purge Gun’s light weight makes it appropriate for polyurethane foam since it gets the job done in a short period of time. You can also ameliorate your roofing jobs with the Generac GP15000E power generator and the Spray Foam Equipment Trailer. The GP series generator is portable and its circuit breaker protects the outlets. The Spray Foam Equipment Trailer enables you to transport supplies to any work site. It comes with transfer pumps, an Air Purge Gun, an air compressor, a power generator, and other essential contractor equipment.

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