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Reasons to Install Water Resistant Floors

Reasons to Install Water Resistant Floors Posted on March 30, 2018Leave a comment

Liquid spills such as water and oil are challenges we often face at home. This is the main reason why it’s recommended that you install water-resistant floors in water-prone rooms. Although the bathroom and kitchen experience the highest rate of water spills, it’s best to ensure that your entire house is installed with water-resistant floors. There are types of water-resistant floors including vinyl and laminate floors. Here are some of the reasons to install water resistant flooring over other flooring options.

Protect your investment

One of the best water-resistant floors is the laminate floor. This floor protects against water, moisture, and liquid spills. Although your floor may be splash proof, you need to make it water resistant so that it does not absorb water or moisture. This is one of the major reasons to consider water-resistant floors in bathrooms and kitchens.

Reduce stress

Some occurrences such as roof leaks or pipes bursting are unforeseeable. With a water-absorbing floor, you are always worried about such incidents. Families with kids may also be worrying about liquid and food spills on the floor. Eliminate these stresses and worries by installing water-resistant floors. Whichever unforeseen accident may occur, your floor will be safe.

Think durability

Floors not made for harsh weather conditions are likely to wear and tear quickly. Most floors are affected by sunlight, hard bumps, and moisture. They tend to show signs of fading within a few months after installation. Avoid these types of floors by installing water-resistant floors. Once installed, these floors need little or no maintenance.


Low cost and easy installation

Water-resistant floors are made of ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. These materials are relatively affordable. The cost of installing water-resistant floors is also lower compared to other types of floors.

Easy maintenance

Maintaining your floor can be very expensive depending on the type of floor you install. Some floors require regular maintenance and special cleaning detergents. This is an added cost over the high cost of installation. Water-resistant floors, on the other hand, require low maintenance. You can easily clean them with a mop or vacuum cleaner. In fact, you can check out DIY maintenance tips on how to keep your water-resistant floor clean.

A wide variety of choices

Lastly, water-resistant floors are available in different colours, prints, and texture. When remodelling your home, make sure that you choose a floor that matches your kitchen countertops, cabinets or ceiling. You can also choose the right water-resistant floor based on the size of your rooms.

In terms of hygiene, water-resistant floors are the best choice. Their non-porous nature eliminates chances of bacteria on the floor. The floors are also kid-friendly and pet-friendly. Let your floor be stylish, unique and family-friendly by choosing one of the several types of water-resistant floors.


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