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How you can creatively use your non-working fireplace

How you can creatively use your non-working fireplace Posted on February 25, 2015Leave a comment

non working fireplace

If it is n a usable condition, the fireplace can form a very important part of the house that exudes warmth throughout the home. However, with modern heating facilities installed, the traditional fireplace is soon becoming defunct. However, the space that your non-working fireplace takes may be positively visible. While there is nothing wrong with this as it takes the personality of your home notches higher, it also hardly makes any sense to leave the space unattended and biting the dust. Therefore, one of the best ways to right this wrong would be by using this space more creatively so that it seamlessly blends with the overall theme of your home. If you are not an expert at designing the interiors yourself, you could always rely on St. Louis Interior Design by Ginger Huff Interiors. Given below are some exceptionally creative ideas that you can use to decorate your fireplace which is not in a functional condition.

1.)   Using the fireplace to store logs:

This is especially an excellent idea when the holiday season is round the corner. It helps lend an extremely rustic look to your house. The arrangement of logs of varying sizes in the fireplace makes it instantly look warmer since people associate wooden logs with fire. Therefore, it is not necessary that the logs should be lit in the fireplace. Just their mere presence exudes a feeling that makes you and your guests feel more welcomed in the house. Besides, if you are smitten by the country life, this is the perfect way to add a touch of country to your home. It is also an excellent way to go eco –friendly by using these logs in the fireplace.

2.)   A mini library:

If you already have a library chock full of books and are finding it difficult to accommodate a fresh new set, you must certainly be looking at this defunct corner of your home to stack them up. You can use your own creativity to stack them up so that they resemble different patterns to add on to the beauty. This will also make sure that you refrain from just shoving your books into the fireplace but instead make an effort to arrange them in a way that is visually appealing. It also provides the perfect setting to read your favourite books. However, you must not forget that these books are also meant for reading as opposed to simply adding a style element to your home. Therefore, their arrangement should be fun but not complicated for someone to pick one for reading. If you fall short of ideas, you can always talk to experts at the St. Louis Interior Design.

3.)   Make it a storage section:

Often, you end up with much more than you can chew and eventually find it difficult to keep your newly bought products in any other corner of your home. If you happen to face such a difficulty, all you can do is attaching a couple of shelves to the fireplace so that you can accommodate certain items. If every other storage space in your home is packed to the T, then this can be a refreshing option. Lining the back of the fireplace with brightly patterned wallpaper corresponding to the theme of the house is an excellent idea to suffuse a breath of freshness into your home.

In this way, decorating your fireplace is much easier than you might think. Regular everyday products can make it to your defunct fireplace in a way that adds instant jazz to the overall interiors of your home.

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Ashley Dean is an interior designer working at St. Louis Interior Design by Ginger Huff Interiors. She was initially a freelancer but her competent nature and creative mind catapulted her further into the business. She is now looking to start her own line of creative wallpapers and decor items.

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