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How to Turn an Old Door Into a Hall Tree With Bench

How to Turn an Old Door Into a Hall Tree With Bench Posted on December 9, 2015Leave a comment

Repurposing old doors is a great way to add character to your home and make good use of an item that would otherwise be thrown away when you’re updating the doors in your home. One of the most useful items you can create with two discarded doors is a hall tree with a built-in bench. The finished project not only looks amazing, but also gives you a place to hang your coats and remove your shoes with ease. Just follow these few simple steps:


  1. Prepare the Doors

Prepare the doors by sanding, painting or staining them to achieve your preferred look. This project looks particularly charming when given a distressed, rustic look. However, you can make it look more formal if that is your preference. Allow any paint or stain to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

  1. Cut Main Door to Preferred Length

Depending on the height of your ceilings, you may want to cut off anywhere from two to six inches from the bottom of your main door. You just want the door to look natural in the space where you plan to put it, rather than too tall or too short.

  1. Create the Bench

Create the sides of your bench by cutting two panels from the second door to your preferred height. Remember that the sides should extend a few inches above the seat so they can be used as arm rests. Using heavy duty wood glue and finish nails, secure the sides of the bench to the front of the door. Measure and cut another piece of wood to fit between the two arm rests and become the seat part of the bench. Secure this piece in place with wood glue and finish nails.

  1. Add the Finishing Touches

Touch up your hall tree and bench with paint or stain as needed, and screw in a few hooks about 8-10 inches from the top of the door. Switch out any other hardware as needed, including the hinges and doorknob, to achieve the final look you want.

This hall tree with bench project is perfect if you don’t have a mud room and want a stylish place to hang your winter coats and accessories.

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