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How To Photograph A Home To Sell

How To Photograph A Home To Sell Posted on September 15, 2017Leave a comment

4 Tips To Show Your Property At Its Best

Trusted techniques to get the best shots of your home if you’re looking to market it for a sale this autumn. Declutter, pick your focal points and get snapping.

Early autumn is a great time to sell your house if you’re looking to move. With the weather relatively mild in September and October, your home will still look appealing, so taking the right photos will help it to stand out to potential buyers in the property listings. But how do you make sure that your photographs do your home justice and make it sparkle? Here are some top tips from Balgores Property.


Think Minimalism

Most homeowners are guilty of a little hoarding of possessions but this can be a huge turn-off to prospective buyers who want to see some sense of order within a homely environment. It’s easier for them to imagine their own furniture and belongings sliding well into your rooms if they’re not filled to the brim with clutter. Take the time to clear space within your home and leave all but the essentials. You may want to box up some of your things and either take them to the tip, put them in your attic or even potentially rent out a storage space until you manage to sell. Make sure that you keep countertops and sideboards clear and add minimal decorations such as a single candle, lamp or a vase of flowers as a centrepiece.

Optimal Lighting

Excellent photographs do rely to some degree on the quality of lighting available. This is hard to ensure, depending on the weather and the amount of natural light that your home receives. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to take photographs of your home as close to midday as possible, when the light should be at its strongest. When taking shots of the inside of your home, make sure that you turn on all lamps and lights to illuminate the entire room and prevent any dark spots from creeping into the image.

Photographing the exterior of your home can be a little more complicated. Where possible, try not to do so on a dark, drizzly day. However, it’s equally important that you don’t have strong sun glares drowning out your picture. Also, make sure that the sun isn’t sitting behind the house when you capture the front facade – this will cause shadows and create a dreary, gloomy image.

Getting The Right Shot

Always choose a landscape shot when you’re taking photographs of your rooms. Try and get as close to the corner as possible, then stand on a chair to obtain a vertical shot which provides a better view. Choose your focal point with care – a dining table or a fireplace often make attractive principal features. You may need to rejig the layout of your room to provide a more appealing image.

Selecting Your Images

Once you’ve got a solid collection of images, it’s important to select the shots that represent your home in its best light. Rightmove recommend that property listings with between 5 to 9 images tend to perform best. You should always include photographs of the key rooms in your home – the kitchen, bathroom, living room and main bedrooms are all essential.

Ideally, you would only select one image of each of these rooms to leave the buyer wanting more. You also need to make a decision on the lead image to go on the cover of your property ad. The kitchen is often a great choice, as it is a popular room with buyers, but if your winning photo is of your living room or garden, then lead with this instead. Estate agents such as Balgores will always work with you and your property on an individual basis and can advise you on the best ways to market your home.

So, strike while the iron’s hot and get snapping – you might even get moved before Christmas.

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