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How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas

How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas Posted on December 13, 2017Leave a comment

Christmas is a crazy time of the year. There is so much shopping and an ever ending list of things to be done. It is also a time for unexpected guests and last minute entertainment.  The Christmas mood may be in the air, but is your home ready for Christmas? Even with kids, it is possible to ensure that your home is always presentable and has that festive feel. Here are a few tips that will help.


This is one of the most important steps. For the festive season, you need as much space as possible. People will always come to your home to eat and chat. They need space to feel comfortable. As a rule of thumb, ask yourself these three questions when de-cluttering: Do you need it? Do you love it? Do you use it often? If it does not pass this test, it is probably not something you need to have around. While some items may be useful, they are not needed during this period. Removing them helps make your home easy to decorate. If you book a Long Island move out cleaner, you’ll find it to be of great help in this process.


Light Things Up

Christmas is also a season when it is darkest. Add some clever unorthodox lighting to your home. Having a light on your tree is great, but placing lights on your mantelpiece and wrapping them around the banisters of your stairs instantly take things to a new level. The glow can go from every room in the home. For an even better glow, you can drape the lights on the top shelves.

Go Ahead, Add More Trees!

One large, ceiling tall tree year after year can get boring. To spice things up, consider adding smaller artificial trees to your home. These will spread the cheer considerably. Therefore, add more trees on your way to your bedroom, around the kitchen, and in your bedroom too. This way you will break the monotony and make your home interesting.

Get Those Tiny Hands Busy

Children are extremely instrumental when it comes to spreading the Christmas cheer. The best way to get them excited is by involving them in the decorations. Have them make gifts, decorations, and drawings that you can hang on strategic areas in your home so that people can see them easily. They will love that people will get to see and enjoy the works of their hands. They will also enjoy being part of the team that decorates the home.

Fake It

If you have young children, you will want to avoid using candles as much as possible. They can be health hazards. However, this does not mean that they have to be completely out of the picture. You can buy battery powered, flameless candles. They are just as effective and less dangerous. They are also fun to use especially if you do not like cleaning up after using the candles.

Add New Colors

Christmas is always associated with the colors red, green and white. But you do not always have to use these colors. Choose several of your favorite colors and integrate them into the already existing Christmas colors. It’s an opportunity to make it your own personal Christmas with a difference.

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