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How 3Drendering services contribute to project design.

How 3Drendering services contribute to project design. Posted on October 15, 2016Leave a comment

3D rendering services have enabled architects and interior designers to showcase exterior and interior building designs and visualisations that accurately resemble the end result of a project. This process allows for clients to have a better understanding of what a project will eventually look like, and for the designers to easily modifyareas the client would like to have altered before the actual construction takes place.The process of rendering is, essentially, the digitalised creation of a hyper realistic 2D image from a 3D model. This process can be applied to all phases of the building process, including illustrating what the edifice or floor plan will eventually look like.

So, how does this process work? Firstly, a 3D designer has to gain a thorough understanding of what the client envisioned with his or her project. The construction of a 3D model is thus the first step to creating a realistic end result. This is done by employing digital model building software, and follows a similar route to the actual construction of the building. Piece by piece, the project begins to take shape, as the designer constructs the building from the ground up(in the form of a digital 3D model).

Low quality 2D images are usually generated and shown to the client (to provide a ‘first draft’ of what their project will look like, and to provide clients with the opportunity to make any changes they’d like to see on this end result). After the design has been completely settled on, the rendering process can begin. This digital process can often take up to several days to be completed, depending on the complexity of the project.

Finally, framing the digitally rendered end result resembles the process of a photographer physically framing a subject. The 3D designer will take into account what lighting effects could be employed to better frame the digital image, giving attention to the creation of an atmospheric tone appropriate to the design.

3D rendering services have become a cornerstone to the architectural design process, whether incorporated to illustrate and end result to a home interior, or the façade that a skyscraper will eventually take on – this illustration is integral to the approval of a design project.

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