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Fresh ways to Accessorise your Kitchen

Fresh ways to Accessorise your Kitchen Posted on July 11, 2016Leave a comment

Many people overlook the kitchen when it comes to adding details and accessorising. This is usually because kitchens are designed mainly around being practical and functional, therefore the finishing touches can often be forgotten. You spend much more time in the kitchen than it sometimes seems, from cooking meals to socialising with your friends and family, the kitchen is always a hub of activity., As a result of this, it’s important to keep your personal touches in the kitchen as bold and bright as possible, this way your kitchen will loose with character and spirit.


When it comes to introducing accessories to your kitchen, it’s important to make sure you keep the balance and don’t throw anything into the mix that will ruin the flow of your interiors. You want to feel at home and relaxed, proud to show off your home to your friends and family, and by adding accessories that reflect your personal style, you’ll be able to do this with ease. Sticking to your kitchens theme is also key to ensuring you keep the right feel and atmosphere in your kitchen. If your kitchen has a country style theme, then adding features that resemble that décor will look really effective and bold. You can always find beautiful ways to accessorise whilst sticking the theme you started off with.

Kitchens are always very busy, therefore it’s always a good idea to have storage and organisation to ensure that the kitchen flows smoothly. When adding storage devices to your kitchen there are so many different types you’ll come across. Some great ways to add storage but still keep an inviting, stylish look are features such as herb racks, pan holders, labelled jars and even wicker baskets. Having these stylish features will create a really organised feel to your kitchen as well as being very practical. You can even go into great detail by labelling items with pretty labels, to keep things really organised.

Plants are becoming more and more popular for interior design, especially in the kitchen. With a beautiful selection of plants to choose from, many designers are now implementing greenery into décor and its working very well. Plants help to add a fresh burst of life to a room, as well as adding a beautiful scent and character. Dependant on the type of plant, you can often find ones that require little maintenance too, which is ideal for someone with a very busy schedule! Whilst many opt for the delicate, discreet plants, it sometimes works really well to go for an extravagant plant, draped down past your kitchen cupboard doors and standing beautifully on the worktop. This can often add a really bold touch of character.

Simple features also work really well in enabling your kitchen to stand out and oose with character. Adding items such as candles, or delicate lighting will help you to create a really homely feel and add a relaxing touch to the room. Candles are perfect for highlighting certain parts of a room too, so you can really focus on which parts of your kitchen you wish to show off.

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