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Dressing Your Windows With Cellular Shades

Dressing Your Windows With Cellular Shades Posted on October 19, 2014Leave a comment

Installing new window treatments, features like cellular shades, bamboo blinds, drapes and curtains, gives your home a facelift. It’s one of the least expensive ways to change the appearance of your home. To get the best results while using cellular shades as window treatments, take the time to follow a few measurement and installation guidelines.


That or you can contract with the company you buy cellular shades from to install the window treatments for you. If you install the shades yourself, you’ll want to get accurate measurements on each window you want to hang the shades in front of.


To get an accurate measurement on your windows, use a steel measuring tape. You could use a material tape. However, if you do, the measurements could be slightly off. It’s also important that you measure each of your windows. Steer clear of assuming that each of your windows is exactly the same size, as this might not be the case.


Find out the width of your windows by measuring the distance between the jambs. This means, you’ll measure the top, bottom and middle portion of your windows. Getting measurements on the length or height of your windows requires you to measure from the top inside mount of your windows to the bottom inside mount.


Next, measure the outside mount width and length of each of your windows. Depending on the type of shades you get, you may have to adjust the above steps slightly. Check with the company you’re ordering the shades from to find out how you need to adjust the measuring steps, if you need to adjust the steps at all.


If this is your first time ordering cellular shades or other window treatments, it might be a good idea to visit an interior design or decor store in person. Write down a list of questions you want to ask the store clerk before you leave home.


Take your time selecting the right cellular shades for the rooms of your home. Colors the shades come in include beige, brown, silver, white, bay leaf, espresso and amber. Speak with the clerk at the interior design store you buy the shades from to see if you can get customized shades in another color should the store not already carry the color you want.


Should you have small children at home, take the time to check out cordless cellular shades. There are cordless shades that can be upgraded to cordless shades, so buying the safety shades won’t prevent you from transferring to a cordless version.


As reported in Tri-Valley Dispatch, “Windows are responsible for nearly half of the heat gain in our homes in summer.” The right windows and window treatments protect your home from heat during warmer months. They also protect your home from cold during cooler months. To get increased protection from the heat during summer months, you may want to install sunscreens on your windows. Placing drapes in front of cellular blinds can also help you create a more energy efficient home.




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