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Can I get a Pest Spraying if I am Pregnant or Have a Baby in the House?

Can I get a Pest Spraying if I am Pregnant or Have a Baby in the House? Posted on September 23, 2016Leave a comment

When you have an insect problem at home but someone in the house is pregnant, or you have a new baby, is it still safe to have an extermination spraying? It’s a very good question and something you should address when you are booking your appointment with the pest control company. Such as for pest control in Chesapeake, you might want to talk to Fox.

The risks with spraying are minimal to begin with so you aren’t dealing with a major problem in any case. Taking a few extra precautions with pregnant women or newborns is not that difficult.


Leave the House

The best approach is to leave the home completely when the service is being done. Typically, it’s fine to simply stay out of the room, but pregnant women or young infants might do better to be elsewhere altogether during the spraying.

Once the spray is applied, it dries very quickly and doesn’t give off odors or toxins into the air for very long at all. Open up the windows to vent out the house completely, and you should be fine to come back in within an hour or two. Overnight is probably not necessary but might give you some peace of mind.

Stay off the Floor

This tip only applies to older babies who are crawling around on their own. Most sprays are applied at the floor level, in the cracks around the baseboards. Even once dry, you might not want to let your baby crawl around that closely to the treated areas.

Use Baits Instead

If you are seriously concerned about using liquid sprays in your home, see if solid bait stations are an option for your particular insect pests. Some bugs like ants, cockroaches or even termites can be handled with solid baits, but they won’t do much good for spiders. Sticky traps might be an option as well, for any pests.

They can take longer than the spraying methods though, so you may have to put up with some of the bugs for a while until they start to take effect.

Choose Milder Insecticides

You’ll want to talk this over with the exterminator so you know your options and to ensure you are still getting an effective treatment. They may be able to go with chemicals with less odor or simply milder compounds. As mentioned, most will dry and stop giving off any fumes in a short time regardless of their strength.

Skip the Treatment

This is one option that some people consider, but shouldn’t. Insect problems will invariably get much worse over time and if you choose to ignore it because you are not comfortable with pest control treatments, you will end up with a bigger problem in a very short time.

Now, postponing a treatment by a few days would be acceptable if you have a house guest or something temporary going on. But if you are thinking about waiting for months, that’s not a good idea.

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