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Building your Own PC

Building your Own PC Posted on June 23, 2016Leave a comment

Virtual Reality (VR), while fairly new at the moment, is about to explode in popularity. Devices like the Oculus Rift, and HTC’s Vive have recently launched but require powerful PCS to run them correctly. Store bought PCs, while convenient, may not have the necessary requirements needed for the best experience. This is why you should consider building your own PC.


A Daunting Task?

Many people balk at the idea of building their own PC, but it really is not that difficult a task. Think of it as Lego for adults. Every part has its place, so it’s pretty hard to get it wrong. And there are countless guides and videos available online, walking you through every step involved in the building process.

Sourcing the Required Parts:

You’ve decided that building the PC yourself from scratch is the way forward – so, where to get the parts? There are thousands of website available worldwide that now sell the parts required to make your own PC. Once you start doing a bit of research into the different parts needed, your mind will be blown with the sheer volume of selection there is for each different part. And, if you are looking to create a truly unique machine, something entirely one off, you can even have parts like the case painted to your design requirements. It’s even possible to have some laser micro-machining done, to etch designs to create your masterpiece.

Join An Online Community:

Sometimes, running into problems in building machines is just inevitable, but by no means should put you off. A great thing to do is join an online forum dedicated to the building of PCs. You could do this even before you purchase the parts. Members are usually very helpful & welcoming to new members, and can provide tips and heads up for bargains. There’s often many members on these kinds of forums, that will have run into, and resolved, the very same problems you have encountered.

Starting the Build:

You’re best lay everything out in front of you to begin with. If working with metal tools, make sure to ground them first. The motherboard is the main component for attaching everything else to, so fit this first to the case you have selected. And from there, everything should be clearly marked, as to where it slots on the motherboard. For instance, the RAM slots will be pretty obvious. And usually, the RAM “wafers” can only be inserted one way – see, it’s hard to get this stuff wrong!

All in Place:

There are few things as satisfying as turning on your newly built PC for the first time – and it just… works! Knowing that you have built this machine yourself, from the ground up, is incredibly fulfilling. And you’re sure to find that, having built it yourself, you’ll have saved quite a bit of money, compared to pulling a lower spec, pre built model off the shelf, down your local electronics store.

All that’s left now is for you to install the OS of your choice, and get going with your VR ready machine!

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