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Building And Maintaining Decks That Add Value To Your Home

Building And Maintaining Decks That Add Value To Your Home Posted on December 16, 2017Leave a comment

It can be an exciting time when you decide to add a deck that will provide luster and extra entertainment space for people that come over to your home. If you choose materials that will last for decades, you will likely end up creating a deck that will help you ask more for your house when you do decide to sell it.

Here are some types of deck along with their typical maintenance costs that can help you make the home you live in more valuable:


In Orange County, people that own yachts often pay a few thousand a month for the teak to be cleaned and maintained. So having a deck that uses a wood like teak in a temperate climate sounds like a recipe for constant cleaning. Fortunately, it is actually the salt air that creates the need for boat owners to constantly redo their teak planking. When it comes to decks and homeowners, using a high quality sealant will allow your deck to last for years.


A deck or a patio of natural stone is normally a construction cost that is bid somewhat higher than other types of decks that could be built. The result, however, when you have flagstone or granite installed is that it is an architectural endeavor that might just put your backyard into a home and garden magazine article.

After an initial cost that will be more expensive than other materials, most homeowners that do put in stone decks realize that there is practically no maintenance on them as they are built to last for centuries.

Redwood or Cedar:

When you build with redwood or cedar, you often get a natural look that everyone wants in a home. The cost of redwood and cedar is not prohibitive and so building a deck from those materials isn’t going to break most homeowner’s banks. Finding a good sealant that will coat the wood while still showing it off can be an important part of creating or maintaining a cedar or redwood deck. Deck cleaning is another area that is important because it can add years to the life of your deck when it is done correctly.

Using a solid vendor that has a lot of experience with deck projects will help you to avoid any damage that overscrubbing the wood on your deck might cause when cleaning.

Deciding to get a deck is a project that can permanently add value to the home that you own. Putting a deck in or maintaining an existing one well will cost money- yet the money you spend will normally give your deck a much longer life.

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