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Bedroom Revamp On A Budget: Simple Ways To Cut Costs

Bedroom Revamp On A Budget: Simple Ways To Cut Costs Posted on August 26, 2016Leave a comment

Your bedroom is your personal space – whether you live at home with your parents, share with flatmates or have moved in with your partner – it is the room you decorate to your taste and fill with your most personal, precious things.

However, as we get older, tastes change and so do our bedrooms. Rooms that were once perfect for us eventually need updating, but wanting to make these updates doesn’t necessarily coincide with having the money to do so. So does that mean you can’t revamp your bedroom? Not at all. It just means doing it on a budget.

Here are a few simple ways to cut costs and still have the bedroom of your dreams.


Reposition and rearrange:

The most simple (and completely free) way to revamp your bedroom is by moving things around. It may not seem like this will make a difference – but you’ll be surprised how much fresher it looks – almost like a brand new room! Start by repositioning furniture and then rearrange your artwork and ornaments.

Look for deals and offers:

One of the most expensive items in any bedroom is the bed itself but this isn’t something you can go without, is it? However, you can find discounts and deals to keep the price down.

You could take a look round charity shops, Freeads, and Facebook buy and sell groups – you may find the perfect pieces for your room and as bonus, you won’t break the bank. Keep an open mind because these can be painted and/or repurposed to suit your needs.

Good quality furniture

If you are kitting your room out with new furniture, then you should consider going for multi-functional items. These are space-efficient, allowing you to maximize your living space – both by providing extra storage and doubling up their uses.

If you go for an ottoman bed, for example, it will open up to provide hidden space for anything from clean bedding and towels to clothes and shoes. Or, if you have a perfectly good mattress but could do with a new bed base, check out Divan Bed Bases – where you will be able to get just that.

Well decal, stencils and tapestries:

This is a cheap and incredibly easy way to transform your bedroom décor. There is no need for wallpaper or paint or the mess that comes with it. Simply choose one or a couple that you like and stick them to the wall. Get bored? Take them down, put up a new one and your room will be transformed again, in seconds.

Add pops of patterned wallpaper or colour accents:

You can add wallpaper and/or paint to your bedroom furniture and completely change its look instantly. How about adding wallpaper to the back of your door of the side of your drawers? Or what about painting your shelving or bedside table a bright colour? This will completely change the look of your current furniture without you have to pay for new ones.

Small changes can make a big difference:

There are also many small ways you can update your bedroom to make a huge difference to the overall look.

Take the carpet for example: it can look old and worn after a few years but it is very expensive to replace. So, instead of replacing it, choose a funky rug that will both hide it and revamp your room, at the same time.

You could also change your lampshades or lighting completely, update your curtains or purchase some prints and place them in quirky frames plus add plants and or new decorative accessories.

See, updating your room is much quicker, easier and, most importantly, cheaper than you thought, isn’t it?

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