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Bachelor Pad: Tips to decorate your personal paradise

Bachelor Pad: Tips to decorate your personal paradise Posted on July 17, 2016Leave a comment

A bachelor pad is every man’s paradise on earth- not because he is out there to impress all the spinsters in town with an ostentatious display of pomp but because not every bachelor is fortunate enough to have the expendable income required to create a personal haven – i.e. a bachelor pad. Today, if you have created the opportunity to create something for yourself that others wait for years to do then you should be prudent enough to make the most of this opportunity. How do you do that? By jazzing up an average-looking bachelor pad into something spunky yet classy. Doing this not only adds to your own living experience but also bolsters the resale value of your pad. Ask any of those estate agents Surrey and they will tell you how decking up your pad helps.

So, provided below are a few tips to adorn a bachelor pad.


How to jazz up a bachelor pad

Start off with the basics. Believe that every bachelor out there doesn’t really have to live like a slob. You can create a perfectly tidy space for yourself even without investing in the expensive embellishments. Make sure your place is tidy. Keep your clothes, books, play station, DVDs and shoes in their assigned places. Merely sprucing up your home every two-three months won’t do. Invest time to maintain regular cleanliness. Check out if you’re running out of cleaning supplies or not. Mentioned below are the items that should feature infallibly in your cleaning list:

  • Mop

  • Vacuum

  • Comet

  • Windex

  • Bleach

  • Toilet Scrub

The right color scheme

The color scheme chosen by you should reflect your personal style defined by a coveted combination of sophistication and the quintessential “bachelor” swag. A red-silver-white combination for instance can render that sophisticated touch to your pad. Consider teaming it up with low price-point purchases like the flea market finds.


Make sure your pad spells comfort- not only for you but also for your guests. You can always worry about not decorating your rooms enough. However, the key is to remember that more than “stacking”, comfort is at the heart of the modern designs. Do not go overboard as far as furniture and décor items are concerned. Don’t overstuff your room with a bookcase if you don’t have or love books or with porcelain figures that you will not even look at. Instead, invest in furniture that creates an impact and is space-efficient at the same time. An L-shaped sofa is a perfect example of everything described here. A red L-shaped sofa will go well with the red-white-silver color scheme described above. Black and white are the safest choices but don’t invest in a color which does not compliment your overall décor and color scheme. Team it up with a few funky pillows here and there.

Mood lighting and entertainment

Mood lighting can turn out to be an effective addition to your home. Invest in some dramatic low lighting instead of going all colorful.

An entertainment system is a must for every pad – be it in the form of a gaming console or a private bar.

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