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An Arborist Can Help Maintain Your Tree This Spring

An Arborist Can Help Maintain Your Tree This Spring Posted on May 2, 2016Leave a comment

The urban forest plays a huge role in keeping the environment healthy. It furnishes human beings with food and oxygen, it makes cities healthier, and raises the values of real estate. It provides shelter to wildlife and keeps temperatures cooler during hot summers. As a homeowner, you plant maples, oaks, elms, and pines in your yard to provide shade in the summer and shelter from the wind in the winter.


The importance of tree pruning in Edmonton

Taking care of natural greenery is not only beneficial to you as a homeowner but also to the community in general. Healthy elms are beautiful and they provide clean air and shade for residents. Homeowners need to understand that tree pruning is an important part of maintenance. There are various reasons to prune the oak in your front yard.

Tree pruning in Edmonton is important for safety reasons: branches can grow in unexpected directions and become hazardous. They can grow close to electric wires or rooftops and become a source of danger both to people and to property. Branches that are low hanging canobstruct road users and cause accidents. Edmonton arborists can safely remove branches that pose a risk of becoming dangerous.

Tree pruning in Edmonton is important for aesthetic reasons, too. It improves the shape of crowns and enhances their appearance. Well-trimmed crowns give your garden a neat and spacious look, which will in turn improve the value of your home. Correct maintenance can stimulate growth, as elms and maples do not grow uniformly in all directions. Some areas grow too much and overshadow others, even in a healthy specimen. Care tends to stimulate the growth of areas that are stunted. It can be an excellent way to improve growth in struggling parts of the crown.

Benefits of hiring an arborist for quality services

Arborists certified with the International Society of Arboriculture are experts in care and maintenance. All Edmonton-based Chipps Tree Care’s arborists are ISA-certified and they are always taking continuing education courses to learn more about their industry. Hiring arborists to look after your yard is the best landscaping decision you could ever make.

Landscaping is an investment that each homeowner should take seriously. Maples that are not looked after carefully are a liability, but Edmonton arborists like those at Chipps Tree Care can make sure that your family, house, and car are safe from falling limbs. They offer a wide variety of services including removal, planting, pruning, stump grinding, and deep root fertilizing for those water-hungry ashes. The equipment to safely do this yourself can be expensive to buy, and without the proper training, you could seriously injure yourself, not to mention your mature maple.

Let Chipps Tree Care prune your trees this spring; they have the experience, the expertise, and a passion for Edmonton’s natural assets. Since they have been in the profession for a long time, they know how best to handle tees, regardless of whether they’re deciduous or coniferous. Trust Edmonton’s best arborists to keep your house and your yard looking beautiful.

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