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Adding a Home Library in Your Small Condo

Adding a Home Library in Your Small Condo Posted on February 25, 2016Leave a comment

For many people the appeal of real books is still undeniable, despite the popularity of eBooks. There’s something about a real book that the e-book can never match. It’s the charm of having to turn a page. It’s the heady scent of paper, from the aroma of a new book to the musk of an old classic. Others like books they can easily write on (like puzzle books, not a first edition Huckleberry Finn) while there are those who appreciate just putting a bookmark in between the pages when they take a breather.


But when you like to collect numerous books, the appeal of the Kindle and similar gadgets become apparent. A device like that can store literally tens of thousands of books, and that’s not possible in tiny Montreal condos that are less than 500 square feet in size.

Still, it’s hard to let go of the dream of having one’s very own library, even if one’s place is small. So we are helping our fellow bibliophiles by suggesting these places to store your library.

Let’s Start with Your Hallways

Why do you even have a hallway anyway, when you live in a condo and a small one at that? A hallway is essentially a very long room that you’re not using properly, that is, until you convert it into a library. Put some shelves and leave enough space for two people to pass each other. That gives you lots of space for your book collection. You can even have makeshift benches underneath so you have a space to perch onto when trying to pick a book to read.

The Living Room

Now the living room also offers lots of space for books. Typically, a condo has a TV and a sofa. If you love books, then these books will need space on the walls instead of posters, paintings, or photos. If your sofa has space behind it, then use that space for your bookshelves. And if your couch is right against the wall, there’s still the space over your head. Why waste it?

And then there’s the TV on the wall. What about the space near the TV? The space above, beneath, and to the side can all be used to host bookshelves for your books. Don’t buy CDs and DVDs anymore—those you can enjoy more properly in digital and downloaded form.

The Dining Room is Not Just for Eating

If you are lucky enough to have a proper dining room, you may have used the dining table for study or work. So why not go all the way and convert the area to a dining room / library hybrid? This room has plenty of wall space for your books.

Your Bedroom Can Be a Library Too

This really makes sense when you like to read right before you fall asleep. Here you can keep all the books you’ve read before and consider favorites. It’s not a good idea to read a new book right before sleeping—if it’s a real page-turner, you may end up reading till the wee hours.

Small condos can’t really have a single large library. But the basic strategy for book lovers is to treat the entire condo as a library! With that kind of outlook, you’ll have enough space for your beloved books. And there’ll be no need to stick to eBooks all the time.

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