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7 Ways of Making the Most Out of Your Carport

7 Ways of Making the Most Out of Your Carport Posted on September 4, 2017Leave a comment

IA carport has many uses outside of just a parking space. According to a survey by the American Housing Survey in 2015, almost 70% of households either have a garage or a carport built.  It’s obvious why garages and carports are so valuable, they house your vehicle and protect it from harmful elements such as the sun, rain, wind, dust, snow and hail.

Something that most people aren’t arware of is that carports have a lot of advantages. It is cheaper and easier to build if you want to have it customized. Also, it entails less paperwork. No need to check your location and get city permits to set one up. There are also various sizes avaiable from 12  ft. x  16 ft. carports to 15 ft. x 24 ft. enclosed carports.

Your Carport and Its Many Uses

Carports are flexible and can be customized. If you think outside the box, you can find other uses for your carport besides housing your automobile. Below are other things you can do with your carport.

  • Other Vehicle Storage

Some households have multiple vehicles. Other than your cars, you can also use it to store your boat, trailers, vans, ATVs, motorcycles and other modes of transportation.


  • Storage Unit

No need to rent a storage unit if you don’t have enough room for your stuff at home. Definitely, carports can be used as a good storage area.


  • Recreational Area

As an extra space, you can use your carport as a play area and a recreational room. Install a swing, a slide, or a ball pit.  Adults can also enjoy it as a lounge as well when you want to spend the day outside.


  • Stall/Pavilion

Since carports are outdoors, these can be used for your business– from tent and yard sales to a small food stand. These are ideal for large gatherings.


  • Backyard Canopy

Place a carport in your backyard. It offers a great protection from extreme heat and sun. Have it next to your pool, tub, or patio. Perfect for your weekend barbeques, too.


  • Animal Shelter

If you need an extra space for your furry pets, a carport can be transformed into an animal shelter. This is a good space specially for big dogs.


  • Barn

You can have your own barn by customizing your carport. It’s cost-friendly yet effective and sturdy.


  • Workplace

It can be used as a workplace. You can do some wood work or welding outside without worrying about the weather.


These are just some of the many things you can use a carport for. Whether you build one or buy one, you will not regret getting a carport. If you already have a garage, you can have one and enjoy its many uses.


Have a carport that you don’t really use? Check the list above and see what you can do to turn your carport into something good and useful.


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