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5 Ways to Spruce up Your Dull Bedroom This Winter

5 Ways to Spruce up Your Dull Bedroom This Winter Posted on November 14, 2015Leave a comment

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting darker, now is a good time to start thinking about sprucing up a dull bedroom ready for the long winter nights ahead. In this article you will find five quick ways to transform your bedroom into a brighter space that will break through the gloom outside…


1. Find more storage space

If you have items scattered around the bedroom that you won’t be using until the warmer weather, start by sorting through these. Experts recommend discarding things that you no longer have a use for before sorting out and tidying things up later.

When you have decided what you’re going to keep, you’ll need to begin to look for ways of adding more storage space in the bedroom such as plastic tubs that can be kept under the bed, or consider a bed with build in storage space; the double divan beds from Divan Beds Centre are a good choice.

2. Sort out the wardrobe

Winter is an ideal time to start sorting through the wardrobe to make way for warmer winter clothes. Carefully sort through your spring/summer clothes and decide what you want to keep. Do an honest appraisal of what might be still suitable for next season, and look for items of clothing that might be showing some signs of wear or tear.

Once you have decided what to keep, organise your wardrobe so everything is easier to find Try sorting out your clothes according to darker and lighter colours.

3. Sort through your books/CDS/DVDS

Cluttered shelves can make the room look darker and smaller, if you are one of those people that have a shelf full of books/CD/DVDs in your bedroom, take some time to sort through these.

Create a pile of the books, CDs and DVDs you want to keep and have another pile for the items that you are ready to discard or take to the charity shop. Items like these are dust collectors so, before putting them back up on the shelves, carefully clean them of any dirt that they might have accumulated.

4. Bedclothes

Winter is an ideal opportunity to start thinking about new sheets and duvet covers. Opt for lighter, brighter materials that will give the room an airier feel during the winter season. This is such an easy way to change the entire tone of the room and bring bright, warm colours into your room without redecorating at a time of year that isn’t really suited to getting the paintbrushes out.

5. Sort paperwork

If you often use the bedroom as a home office, then it is high time to start organising and sorting any paperwork. If you need to keep records for tax reasons, find a sturdy, lockable box to store all of your items safely so you know where they are when you need them to fill out your tax returns. Don’t leave paperwork in your line of sight, it’ll only play on your mind when you try to nod off.

Make sure you remove anything that shouldn’t be kept in your bedroom, and concentrate on making the room an area that is just for sleeping and relaxation – that way you can shut out the winter cold and the stresses of your day.

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