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5 Things You Should Do When Moving Into Your New Home

5 Things You Should Do When Moving Into Your New Home Posted on February 3, 2017Leave a comment

You’ve been looking forward to settling into your new home for a long time — congratulations on your recent purchase! Before you really get comfortable in your new place, though, there are some necessary steps you should take that will help you avoid future problems.

Clean the Home

It will much easier for you to clean your home before all of your furniture and boxes are moved in. Clean the carpets and thoroughly wash all the floors. You can also take the opportunity to clean inside all the cabinets, on top of tall appliances and built-in shelves, and other places that you wouldn’t get to during a normal cleaning session.

Even brand new homes deserve a thorough deep cleaning. Everyone will feel more comfortable once you’re settled in!

Inspect Your Moving Boxes

As the movers you hired bring your boxes into the house, check each box against the detailed inventory list you made when you were getting ready to move. Missing items might have been left in the truck, so you should always double-check.

Once the movers are gone, perform a more detailed inspection. If you find evidence that your belongings have been mishandled, contact the moving company. If the company isn’t willing to make compensation, file a formal complaint.

Change the Locks14696100118_fb2a542986


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How much do you know about the former owners of your new home? Even if you know that they have a good reputation, it would still be wise to protect yourself and change the locks on all your doors. The former owners might not come back to cause trouble, but it is possible that they gave a key to a friend or family member who is less trustworthy.

Research different locks to find one that has the level of security you want and need. Both high-tech and low-tech solutions are available. High-tech systems are often part of smart home systems that include security cameras, remote unlocking, and other convenient features.

Get to Know Your House

You already know that you love your new house, but you need to become acquainted with its deepest, darkest secrets. Check for any subtle signs of damage, such as that from water or fire. You probably did your homework before you bought the place, but it’s still wise to get acquainted with any potential issues now so that you know what you’ll have to repair later.

Also make sure that you locate the main water valve and the fuse box. You’ll need to know where these are if you have a plumbing issue or if any fuses get overloaded during a power surge.

Think About Safety

If you have young ones, childproofing is one of the first steps you should take after you move into your new home. Put safety latches on cabinet doors, install gates where necessary, and put protective covers on power outlets. You should also do things such as install toilet locks in the bathroom and antiscalding devices on your faucets.

Moving into a new house is always exciting, but it comes with work. Follow these steps to help make sure your abode is as safe and comfortable as possible.

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