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25 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Neighbor’s House

25 Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Neighbor’s House Posted on March 10, 2015Leave a comment

We have all had them, the neighbors from hell. They can be a pain, and even worse, their house can potentially lower the value of homes throughout the neighborhood. Here are some ways to improve the look of your neighbor’s house.

1. Accidentally mow their lawn.

2. Replace boards in the fence; no one wants to see Old Man Whithers sun bathe in his banana hammock.

3. Donate toys in the yard to charity.

4. When they are passed out on the lawn overnight, turn the hose on.

5. Do they need a new coat of paint? Host a neighborhood paintball tournament.

6. Plant flowers when they are on vacation.

7. Install special government smoke filters outside.

8. When they are jamming to Nick Cannon to the wee hours of the morning, knock out their power.

9. Throw down melting salt on their sidewalks in the winter.

10. When the leaves fall, hire someone to rake their yard in their name.

11. Sponsor an annual trim your tree day, who knows maybe they will participate.

12. Wash their windows while they are away.

13. Touch up flower pots while they are away.

14. Create a special tool to clean out gutters, and then use it on theirs.

15. Accidentally spread fertilizer on their lawn.

16. Use any excess mulch on their garden.

17. Hire attractive people to stand in front of it. What a great way to boost curb appeal!

18. Develop cloaking technology to hide the property.

19. Contact a famous designer, and convince him/her to turn the gross house’s style into a new fad.

20. Hire a protest group to march the streets in the name of cleaner, prettier homes.

21. Place cardboard cutouts of random models throughout their yard. Hey, it might trick some people.

22. Sponsor a charitable event in their name, putting their address on the brochures.

23. Building a time machine and finding different neighbors to move in.

24. Place giant mirrors around the property.

25. Send anonymous Google calendar invites to special events, such as ‘Clean up your yard Thursdays’ or ‘Fix that whole in the roof Sundays’.

While clearly most of these tips cannot be done (unless you are a scientist), the point has been made. It is difficult to deal with neighbors who do not take care of their home. In reality, it is probably best to be polite and have a civil discussion with them. If that does not work though, you have a few off-the-wall ideas to get the ball rolling.

Kamiel Moore writes for HomeVestors. If you have messy neighbors and want to sell your home, check out our site today!

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