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15 Property Search Tips To Help With Your Home Buying Venture

15 Property Search Tips To Help With Your Home Buying Venture Posted on June 23, 2015Leave a comment

When you’re looking for an ideal house to buy, you’ll realise there’s a lot of things to consider, and you tend to forget what’s important. While we all have different ideas of a perfect property to buy, the essentials are basically just the same. To help you find your dream home with the least hassle possible here are the most popular tips for you.


1. Shop around and you can do it online. Find the right property listing site and check for what’s available in your desired area while always considering your budget.

2. Talk to a local estate agent. They have vital roles to play in your decision and they can let you know of the best pieces of information you need to make up your mind.

3. Find out how much other properties are sold for. This will let you know the range of house prices in the area at a given time. and sort out your budget.

4. See what the neighbourhood is like. Your living condition also depends on what surrounds your property so make sure you walk around the area and casually chat with the people on the street.

5. Check out if there’s a flood risk in the location. Floods are a real threat in the UK and the flood insurance system has been amended to make it more affordable. Flooded areas in the past are likely to get flooded again and it could be really traumatic and would require a lot of work and money to get sorted later on.

6. Find out planning and development plans in the area by seeking out the local authority’s planning department. It should help you picture what the location will be like in the next few years.

7. Get as much information from seller or their estate agents. They may not be the best people in the world, but you can get as much key information about the property if you speak to them in person. List down all the things you wanted to know from them about the house in the few minutes you’ll have with them.

8. If you can, take photos in, out, and around the property during viewing, while also taking notes of what you have observed – especially flaws or problems that could cause issues later on.

9. Get a picture of what the house will be like at different times of the day. Visit on a sunny morning, and perhaps arrange another viewing scheduled in the afternoon to see what bits around the area could affect your living condition.

10. Subscribe to online alerts from estate agents to be notified immediately if an ideal house is listed on the market.

11. Avoid being gazumped. If you make an offer that the seller has agreed to, have them put it in writing while also urging them to take the property off the market.

12. It could be a bit embarrassing but asking your potential neighbours what the are is like can also help you make up your mind.

13. Determine if you could, later on, sell the property if you decide to move. You should know if it’s going to be easy or hard to resell it when necessary. While it’s impossible to be 100% sure about the future of any area, things like schools, central locations, and close proximity to transit hubs will make your property easier to sell later down the line.

14. Once you’ve found your ideal home, shop around for conveyancers. A site like conveyancing 24-7 helps you find cheaper quotes by giving you different quotes from a number of conveyancing firms.

15. Keep calm. It isn’t going to help if you panic; and to avoid that, get things organised early on – from finding the house you’d like to buy, to searching for the services you need such as your mortgage, conveyancing, survey, etc.


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