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10 Unique Home Design Ideas Inspired by the Moroccan Trend

10 Unique Home Design Ideas Inspired by the Moroccan Trend Posted on September 18, 2014Leave a comment

10 Unique Home Design Ideas Inspired by the Moroccan Trend


Recently Elle Décor featured a beautiful Moroccan style home, with white washed walls and bright, eccentric tiles and prints. Since then, home designers and interiors enthusiasts have been clamouring to add just a little Moroccan infused style to their homes. Here’s a simple list of tricks and cheats so with a minimal budget and a little creative thinking you too can have a designer Moroccan inspired home.



  • In Moroccan design it all starts with clean, white walls, so forget bright wallpaper and crazy pops of colour, grab a can of white emulsion and douse your walls in pure, clean white.
  • If you are going for a big impact, why not also make your flooring as pale as possible? NCF Furnishings sells easy to lay laminate in ‘Polar White’, for a very affordable price per pack.
  • Likewise, keep rooms as light as possible by draping them with sheer white curtains, if you need privacy at night, opt for natural Woodweave blinds from Broadway Blinds Liverpool, as these will look more rustic and light than other styles.
  • Keep furniture primarily light, but overlay it with bright throws in printed patters and woven colourful yarns. Choose warm, jewel colours like magenta, golden-orange and teal-green.
  • Accessorise with cushions in the same tones made from silk and velvet for a sumptuous look.
  • Keep walls minimally decorated, but occasionally add little details with natural rope, curtain tassels and ornate tiles.
  • Moroccan décor features a lot of mirrors, so pick styles with decorative frames, in metallic and jewel toned colours.
  • Pottery and ceramics will make a big impression on the Moroccan theme, especially if they are hand painted, rustic or feature terracotta. Otherwise, you could accessorise your room with a traditional metal tea set.
  • Why not consider doing some DIY mosaics? It’s quite simple, just invest in some tile grout, a mosaics template and some mosaics, stick your design in place, then secure it with the tile grout. Wipe away the excess and you have your own mosaic tile.
  • Finally, what Moroccan room is complete without a lantern? Either wire one up as a centrepiece light, or embellish your room with mini lanterns illuminated by tea lights.

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